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Search Engine Optimization

We've been working with search engines since the days of "Archie", "Veronica", and "Jughead". These were early search programs that were used on the Internet long before the development of the World Wide Web.


When WWW arrived, we worked with the first search engines..., Excite and others, along with the directories created by Yahoo and Looksmart. Lycos, Webcrawler, and AltaVista were major search engines in the years before Google.

The bottom line? We were optimizing search when today's typical "SEO Expert" was still in grade school. Experience matters. Contact us for all your your optimization needs.

If we built your website, it came with onsite optimization built in. The pages are navigable by search engines, robots and sitemap files exist, and great thought was given to how to organize your content.

However, SEO is a never ending process for truly competitive websites. Naturally, this is also a service we provide.